Interviews, Interviews and Some More Interviews

I've had the most number of job interviews since I worked here in the US some 7 years ago. 

It wasn't because of my performance, promise! The districts I've worked with were either restructuring or undergoing budget cuts and I'd always be part of the lucky ones! Lol.

Unfortunately, to move or transfer to a different school within a district, I am subjected to go through the job application process and be chosen from the pool of teachers who have the same fate.

So, yearly since 2007, I'd be interviewed by my targeted school and I'd have the job. I was pretty good, wasn't I?

Imagine 7 different schools in 7 years! Wow, huh! 

I guess, US schools need special education teachers badly, or I am just at the right place, at the right time or maybe, I wooed them with my charm during interviews! Lol.

Every year during interviews, I'd get sweaty palms too! Lol.

It's just scary right? I mean, it is. Lol. All eyes and ears are on you as you answer their series of questions. While doing so, you hope and pray you are best fit to their requirements as you market yourself to them!

It's pretty stressful, I know.

Tell me about yourself. Don't they always ask you this question? It never fails. The first question will always be for you to tell them about yourself. 

How do I tell them about myself. What do they really want to know?

All these years, I've just been giving them random answers. You know what? honestly, I'd always start with 'I am a Filipino...' (and I think that was the lucky trick!) Lol. 

Anyway, today, I decided to look it up. What do the interviewers want to hear? 

Here's what I found...

The interviewer doesn't really want to know about your life history. (When I was 7 years old my favorite food was.... then when I turned 21 years old we lived in....) Lol!

What they are after is the match. They want to know how qualified you are for the position. This means how your education, experiences and accomplishments fit their job requirements and how your personality and qualities will fit into the team.   

Imagine, there are 15 more or so applicants vying for the position. How do you stand out? How will you make them remember you and hire you?!

It's all about being outside of the box and staying there.. until the interview's done! At least if you want to be unique, not boring and be the one! Yes?

But of course, you need to give them relevant, interesting and concise information and explanation about yourself.

Tough one, huh?

Should you be worried though? Nah. My personal philosophy is, if it's for you, it's for you. It's all a matter of wanting the job so bad, you will be awesome! It's also about finding that one job which will bring out the best in you...and will make you fulfill your life's purpose.

For the mean time, read, write, reflect, pray and imagine! 

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Good luck to all those looking for jobs!

... and good luck to me! Ooops:)



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