Because You Said So...

I asked my boss if he will be doing the conference call every month, and he told me, "No, you will do it!" 

I was like, "Noooo! I do not know the verbiage... yet!" 

Very believing and uplifting as he is, he told me, "I know you were just shy! I was just like you the very first time we had a conference call with them. I'm sure you will be able to do just fine in the next conference call."

My, oh my! I'd have to share my story when it happens... I'll call in sick maybe! Lol.
         See story here: Some things never change

Be careful with your words, I tell you, it is POWERFUL!

This coming Tuesday, is our next conference call and did I say, that last Friday, I was down with a cough and colds? and that now Sunday, I lost my voice?!

Our words have power!!! 

But, you know, I kinda like it hehe.. because come Tuesday, I will still have no voice, or, you know.. and I will just have to continue saying "Hi", "Thank you!" and "Bye!"

But, this made me think again! I declared sickness and being unwell, and it happened!!!

So, maybe if I can declare health, wealth, and prosperity, success and fulfillment and love and happiness... it will come true too!

It is really just a matter of finding the right words to stick in our hearts and heads, and say it!

Words have power. 

Be it unto you, according to your words!

Oh yes, it's time to level up! Up we go! :)

Shall we?


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