Loving New Work!

I am at awe at the circle of life and how my experiences of eight years here in the USA seems to connect and synchronize.

I started as a Special Education Teacher here in 2007. It was in 2011, when I had a shift and worked as an IEP Facilitator in the special education office and was given an opportunity to be of service to a total of eight schools in the district (HS, mid schools and elementary schools). 

My crazy year happened in 2014. January of that year, I decided to resign and work in an elementary school in one of the reservation areas. After four months, I decided I wasn't the right fit for the job, despite trying my 100%!

So I resigned, secured by the offer to work back as an IEP Facilitator. 

It was timely since my parents were able to visit us here and we got to enjoy summer time with them! It has lessened most of my homesickness! 

For some reason, life took me to another direction and did not allow me to go back to my old job as IEP Facilitator, so I worked as Special Education Teacher  in a middle school in another city. After a month on the job, in my heart, I knew it was my time-out stage, that I was meant to do greater things!

Right so, by Thanksgiving of the same year, I was hired to work with the state's Public Education Department and resigned from the middle school after four months!

I honestly had no idea what path I was about to thread on, I just knew it will be an adventure and indeed it is!

Everyday I am learning something new. Everyday is different and exciting at the same time - because there are various work to be done.

One day, I could be writing a report for Washington, DC or creating new forms for implementation. Another day could be working on an agenda for leadership, advisory, planning or PLC team meetings, and facilitating via conference call or live meetings. Some days I could be calling on superintendents and principals and traveling to meet them. At another day, I could be working on an intergovernmental agreement, or budget and reimbursements.  Still another day is spent researching, reading books and studying programs or approving or disapproving grant applications. At some days still, I am attending professional development and trainings and a lot more activities along the way.

From working with 24 schools since I started three months ago, by April I will be coordinating 64 schools from all over the state!!! 

Where I am now is a privilege, and I thank God for the new experiences, adventures and learning opportunity. I would not have experienced all of these, had it not been for His purpose and will. 

It still amazes me how I can be at the same meeting with the superintendents and executive directors and discussing about the state's education system or programs for implementation, when two months ago, I was just sitting in my shared classroom, telling myself, this is a time-out, and not where I should be.

From my standpoint, I know there is a lot more to be, to do and to have. Who knows, this could be another one of God's processes to lead me to my real heart's desires someday.

Now, I tell you... that's more exciting!!! but for now, I love my new work!!!

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