It's Possible! #Weeklies

Week 5/52 #Weeklies

As I place my traveling bag on the chair, I suddenly remember how I  daydreamed of spending nights at hotels (because of work)... and looking at where I am now... I'm shaking my head... it came true! 

There was this one time two years ago too when I blurted to my boss about my wish to work for the Department of Education so I could support schools more! It was just a random idea - surreal, yes! - but it came true!

Now I am observing teachers, interviewing principals, visiting and supporting schools from all over the state!

Through all these results, I thank God, the Universe, or however, you call the Higher Power of Mind for making things possible.

I am sure you have your own "results and manifestations" stories and recognizing its presence in your life will make you be more cognizant of the possibilities, the infinite possibilities that are actually available to us anytime!

Sometimes it can be as simple as wishful thinking of staying at hotels or winning $500,000.00 but in due time, it will just happen as if it was yesterday when the idea just popped out! 

Napoleon Hill said "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve", and true enough!

Funny but really when we let our minds to wander, when we allow our minds to dream when we allow our minds to look beyond what we can't see... something powerful opens up to make it happen...

There's a lot of dreaming and believing to do... it's free anyway - and if that is the only simple thing that will make us live the life we want, then so be it - right?

Without being attached to results and just being open to possibilities and life's learning along the way, I think that is a better and easier route!

Friends, let's continue to dream some more and believe all our dreams will come true - in time, in God's time - really soon!


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