View from the Top #Weeklies

Week 6/52 #Weeklies 

What's sweeter than having a view from the top is that it is all free!

It was in July when we were invited to see a room at this hotel in Albuquerque, a Hilton hotel - honestly, we've never been to any in all our family travels! 

We were happy with $40-$50 room to sleep the night off. Seeing the place, at the back of my mind, I knew someday, it will happen for us too! - You see, back in the Philippines, it's always been a dream (funny, huh) to stay at nice hotels.. even if we don't have to, just for the sake of experiencing it!

Now, as we check in the same hotel we were shown... I just had to thank God - it's our Thanksgiving break, timing it is - for His generosity!

We were given the premium room, with free snacks and drinks and cook to order breakfast! Two television sets, a living room with separate double beds room! All free!

You see, "if the intention is clear, the mechanism will appear!" - No matter what the mechanism is, it will help you with how to get there! 

For this one, we just had to thank the small bed bug I saw at one of their hotels in Washington, DC.... ewww, right?

But, it's real, they exist - no matter how clean the room is! So be wary!!!

Anyway, they made up for it - by giving me 50,000 points in rewards (the one I used to get the complimentary hotel), had me use the room on the top floor with complimentary snacks and breakfast and $50 dollars for dinner!

Who would have thought that that bug will be our mechanism to get to the next step?

I was teasing Dennis, "Someday", I told him, "we will just be traveling to places" and suddenly he cut me off - instead of supporting my vision!!!

I knew he was working on a "limited belief" mindset! I knew he was thinking that the only way for my vision to come true is for him to look at where we are now and not the infinite possibilities, which is sooooo wrong!

The only thing we have control of is our imagination, our vision, and our dreams... and these are all infinite!!!  Our God is a God of generosity and an infinite God.

Until we open our minds to possibilities and unless we move out of the box of limited supply, we will continue to live in fear and anxiety!

Yes, we can always dream on, yes! it's free! No worries, the possibilities are infinite.. if it comes true, thank God, if not yet, it will happen in due time!

In the meantime, let us be thankful... let us be grateful for what we have right now... our families, our relatives, our friends, our health, our successes, our joys, our materials things... Let us thank God all the days of our lives for making things possible for us.

I thank the bed bug for the wonderful opportunity it has given my family to enjoy that night with a view from the top!

What about you? What are you thankful for?


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