Embracing No #Weeklies

Week 18/52 #Weeklies

When a so-called “friend” says no to you, what do you do? 

Well, I guess it depends on your personality, right?

Either you persist some more until you get a yes, or you accept their no, move on and let go. But sometimes, you vent too. 

The worst scenario is you vent to all your other friends – different batches of friends, at different times, at different places, because you were hurt, and felt uncared for. By broadcasting your feelings, you feel validated and sympathized and you made your so-called “friend” enemy of all, at least at that time.

The question remains, did it change the outcome? 

I did it one time, a big mistake. My bad. 

Had I not allowed my emotions to get the worst of me and instead just talked to the person concerned about what was bothering me, then I could have settled my fears, my doubts, my anger and my thoughts first hand. Our friendship could have grown some more.

Because that’s what real friends do. They talk, they accept each others' shortcomings, they allow each other to grow, and they forgive. 

Oh, yeah, at times they say no too!

I thank God for lessons.  

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