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Week 24/52 #Weeklies

I started off 2016 with plans… big plans!

After studying master’s degree one subject at a time since 2012, I knew I would eventually graduate… soon!

Three months before 2016, my husband and I looked at the possibility of owning a house. We’ve been moving from one apartment/house to another and the idea of finally settling down made sense especially for our kids’ sake too. I knew we would move in… soon!

In February a friend asked me to sit down and listen to a demonstration on the vacuum cleaner slash air purifier and we loved the machine! So even if we haven’t closed on the new house yet, we decided to buy it free if I get to have 20 people to look at it too! I knew I would be able to get 20 people… soon!

So during the first four months of 2016, I was busy… swamp was the right word! I’d be working on assignments and research, I’d be calling on people for appointments, I’d be driving from one city to another to show off the machine, I’d be coming home really late and would still work on my documents I have to submit on closing the house.

And then it happened… April 29th We got the house keys! May 6th I paid off the machine from the 20 demonstrations and sales and May 14th, I graduated! Woohoo!

And then…

I don’t know what to do anymore… I feel like I am still hibernating after four months!!!

I can blame my commute, I can blame my laziness, I can blame sleep, I can blame the weather, I can blame the TV, I can blame the couch… I can blame all else but me… but it will bring me nowhere. Like what I feel right now! Wahhhhh

It’s time to dream… big, bold dreams again! It’s time to put my foot on the pedal to keep me moving in the direction I want again! I just know it’s time to wake up and pursue plans and goals again!

Like to be financially free… when I don’t have to feel like working because I love my work too much it feels like I’m playing… when I can decide to just travel to countries because I have a mission to do… when I can just decide to stay at home and laze around and not do anything.. when I can just write all day because I love doing that.. when I can just train people because I love doing that… when I can just speak to the public because I think I like the feeling… when I know the money will never be a concern because I have lots and lots and lots are coming in the bank because I am financially free!

How to be that and to do that? I do not know. But that is my dream! Lol.

Alright, now back to reality

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