Top 5 Amazing Gifts of 2016 #Weeklies

Week 31/52 #Weeklies

How was your 2016? I can't believe it is coming to a close!

But before it does, I would like to reminisce all the beautiful things God has blessed us with this year! 

It is with much appreciation and gratefulness that I am sharing with you all these. I hope my list also brings back all the right things 2016 has given you!

My Top 5 Amazing Gifts of 2016

Gift #1

Yes! Finally, after moving and living from one apartment and houses for rent to another for 11 times, we have decided to settle, build dreams, and bloom where we are planted. 

When I first stepped out of the plane in New Mexico and looked out the airport window back in 2010... I knew it was the place for us. We love the peace and quiet. We love the community. We love the easy-to-drive-road-system. We love the mountains. We like some snow too!

Owning a house is an American dream, and I felt blessed because we didn't pay 20% downpayment or any more than $400.00 in closing cost! It is possible, very possible to make your dream come true here!!! 

The only thing that was required of us when we put in a deposit of $500.00 to reserve the lot (the house was built for 6 months) was to increase our credit score to 10 points more. At closing, that deposit was deducted from the full amount.

Within those 6 months, we were asked not to buy any significant items using our credit cards. All expenses were put on hold. If there were extra money, I made sure it was to pay off credit card debts.

It felt good when we signed off the papers, and they gave us the key!

Gift #2

After four long years of Masters study, I graduated this year! Yey! 

Did I tell you this was all free? I got a scholarship to study Masters for free! A lot of Filipinos have availed of this program too. My friend Geizi and I were just lucky to be the first two Filipinos to graduate Masters of Science Teaching at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology University in Socorro, New Mexico.

The best things in life are free, indeed!

Gift #3

This year, we joined Couples for Christ here in New Mexico!

At long last, we now have a community to guide our spiritual lives! This has been my silent prayer to join a community just like what I had in the Philippines. 

I was part of Christ Youth in Action (CYA) in college, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon after that and when I got married, we joined Ang Pamilya ng Panginoon. I missed it.

I thank God for CFC!

Gift #4

The gift of healing. 

We thank God for allowing Mommy to heal. You may find her story here.

We thank Dr. Diona Reina Jacoba-Mabus who referred us to Avita Meridian Herbal Oils and Gua Sha Meridian Therapy. You may contact her at +63917-548-1644 or email her at just let her know you read Mommy Grace's story.

God speaks in the silence of our hearts. He also talks through the people around us, through the music we listen to, through the movies and television series we watch, through the artworks and creative images we see and through the books, blogs, and any written article we read. If we only open ourselves to His messages, we'll find answers that will bring us joy, peace, understanding, and most especially, healing.

It was a miracle! I thank God for allowing my family to witness it. I thank my brothers and sisters-in-law for all your time, generosity, kindness and love and for holding on to the power of miracle and God's healing! 

Lord God, Jesus, Mother Mary and all the angels and saints, with all the prayers of family, relatives, and friends... we will forever be grateful! 

Gift #5

The gift of friendship!

Visit from awesome friends and more (not in picture) who traveled from Whiteriver, Arizona (including Father PJ from Chinle, Arizona), and some from Gallup, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Farmington, Rio Rancho and Espanola, NM! Thank you for joining us during the house blessing!

A good friend drove from Louisiana! Thanks, Elvie and family for visiting us here in New Mexico!

Childhood friends from Tucson, Arizona! Thank you, Claire and Clarissa and family for the most beautiful Thanksgiving ever! 

Welcome to NM Janet and family from Baton Rouge, Louisiana! 

Thanks to all these people, Bebeth, Maye, Kenneth, Ian and more (not in the picture) for making life beautiful with your presence. We all started in Louisiana and have all embraced the Land of Enchantment!

And the gift of free travel to meet more amazing friends, Ira and Rona.

Thank you to my workplace for making free travel/s happen in my lifetime! I love my officemates too! 

Bonus Gift!

Gift of Life!!!!

Thank you, God, for allowing me to live another day! 

Thank you for saving my life from all the disasters I met while driving!!!

Ummm... yes this is my top 1!!! :)

I love you, God!


Bonus Gift #2


A new website for me! Gem's Treasure Trove: Inspirited Ideas on Personal Development, Wellness, and Financial Matters.

So far I have the following articles that may benefit you.

On Personal Development

On Wellness

On Financial Matters
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My other blog still exists! Please visit My Dailies with new URL!

My Dailies

I thank God for all His blessings. Thank you 2016!

As we usher in the new year, let's continue to be grateful and happy for all life's goodness! There are always good things to cherish. As long as we open our hearts to God's abundance, let's all believe we can have it all!

Cheers to us as we welcome 2017! 


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