The Pause Power #Weeklies

Week 33/52 #Weeklies

Armed with stories from Hollywood movies about American kids, I thought I was ready to aim, shoot, and fire! But I was mistaken, when I was given an opportunity to work here in the US as special education teacher, I found out that most of the "school" stories in the movies were correct and that whenever foul, lewd and foul languages were uttered, I got tongue-tied! 

When asked in one of my many interviews how I handle student behavior, I’d say, I lean towards the power of pause.

I found out there is power in pause because every time my students in my caseload would misbehave, (well, which was most of the time), especially in the getting-to-know-you stage, I couldn’t find myself to reply quickly to loud, offensive, and vulgar swearing! 

My mind would be busy searching for words to turn it around, to handle the situation, and to make the moment work for me. Yeah, it takes a while. 

Unlike all my American co-teachers who could easily retaliate and be witty with their words, I couldn’t. It’s the language barrier I know but more so because I wasn’t used to such environment.

Not taking their words personally (yes, it was hard!) and redirecting their minds to the activity and task on hand always worked for me. 

Later, they mellowed and resigned to the idea that I and my fellow Filipino co-teachers were different. We don’t bite, we feed them, we’ll be their friends, but they have to follow our instructions. We taught high school students with special needs, and it worked!  

It has been years since I’ve worked as a teacher. I only have memories of when I was teaching or assisting students, but until now I still use the power of pause.

Friends, when life takes us to crossroads, pause.

When met with negative people, pause.

When it is easier to fight back, pause.

When FB is tempting us to post our dirty linens in public, pause.

When it is hard to let go, pause.

When the love of money and success is pulling us away from what matters most, pause.

When our mind is telling us to do more and more, and it is taking a toll on our health, pause.

When life seems to be dragging us to boredom, pause.

When we've forgotten to be grateful and excited, pause.

When it feels best to criticize, condemn, and envy, pause.

I know you see what I mean…

Let us pause, my friends.

Pause and allow our minds to quiet down, heal, and relax.
Pause and allow the power of God to take over.
Pause and tap into the higher energy of knowing.

Then, be amazed by its power.


  1. wow, amen! very nice reminder and worthy to emulate and practice this line "To pause and allow the power of God to take over". yes, that's true because our Master teacher is all powerful and we can call and count on Him in times of troubles, testing and challenges in life.

    Thank ma'am Gemma.

  2. Woooow! Amen! Please allow me to share it on my fb wall madam Gemma


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