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Week 34/52 #Weeklies

Sometimes life takes us in directions we never thought we’ll be. When I dreamed of coming to the US, I never thought it would happen. But it did. I thank God for all the blessings along the way.

I started in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2007 as a special education teacher.  In 2008, I was able to bring my family with me, that was part of my timeline to have my family join me a year after I settled in. In 2010, we moved to New Mexico.

When the principal in one of the schools in New Mexico called me about my application, we had the interview done over the phone, but after asking for references, he insisted I undergo the face-to-face interview and demo teaching. I was excited to see life in New Mexico that I said yes at once!

Oh my, when I saw the mountains from their airport-not-as-big-as-Dallas-airport, I loved it! The mountains reminded me a lot about the Philippines. 

There are no mountains in New Orleans, so I really missed it for almost three years. 

Anyway, I told my principal, I am at his mercy since I won’t be applying to any other school but his school, I told him, he might as well give me a schedule so my time will not be wasted. He did.

I attended special education meetings. I was so active as if I was hired already! Lol. I asked questions because I was trying to reconcile Louisiana’s system to New Mexico’s IEP system. IEP is Individualized Education Plan, the program prepared for students with special needs.

I observed classrooms. While walking through the hallways, I had to ask him if he was sure “there is teaching and learning” going on in the rooms. He said, definitely! Teachers could hear their own breathing and are able to teach well because students are listening! (It was not really the case with where I was assigned in New Orleans, given I had to teach students in transition and over-aged middle school students, it was the exact opposite!)

I demonstrated my lesson. I actually did not have any lessons planned since I was not able to get in touch with the regular teacher prior to that day. So I asked the math teacher what she was about to teach, she gave me the book, and I taught my heart out! Oh, the principal loved the interactions so much he hired me after that.

I have more stories to share, but for the mean time... How would you want to teach in New Mexico?

Because we can help you!


Teach-USA, a newly formed company in New Mexico, provides opportunities for teachers (yes, Filipino teachers in the Philippines) to become highly qualified teachers in the state. 

We deliver top-notch service so teachers will pass the rigorous licensing process, help you in every step of the way moving forward.

If you are one of the teachers we are looking for then check our website, see the requirements, fill out the contact form, and or email us at HireFilipinoTeachers.TeachUSA@gmail.com and we will be in touch with you very soon!


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