Choose Differently #Weeklies

Week 41/52 #Weeklies

It is all about choices in the end.

See my attire? Jeans, tennis shoes… I was wearing the black shirt though, but it didn’t cut still. I was under-dressed. 

That morning I thought, I'll be walking for 25 minutes from the train station to the training location, it will be chilly, and my feet will hurt if I wear my dress shoes, and my backpack will be bulky and heavy if I bring extra shoes.

But, at the back of my mind, I knew I have to wear something formal since we were holding the event but decided to set it all aside and allowed all my reasons to win!

I entered the room and saw my boss and all the rest of the team wearing fancy clothes.  When my boss saw me, he didn’t say anything. I was waiting for him to say, “Gemma! What are you wearing?!” But he didn’t. So, I stopped focusing on what I was wearing and listened to what the speakers were talking about.

After a while, my boss approached me and told me that he would be out after his presentation and he would like for me to introduce the speakers at 1pm. I said him, “Well, as you can see, I’m not dressed for the occasion.” He replied, “Gemma, it was your choice to wear that.”

Only a democratic, secure, and impressive leader will tell his team member that!

How my boss reacted was win-win. He didn’t resort to blaming, accusing, and pointing fingers. Instead, he made me aware, it was all my choice, and because of that, I will have to accept the consequences of my actions.

As a responsible leader too, I approached one of my teammates who came late and was wearing fancy clothes also and told her to do the introductions instead, hehe.

We were given free will for a reason. 

No one can really blame, accuse, or point fingers at us for choosing what we want to be, do, or have. As long as we are aware that when we make our choices (or don’t), there are prices we have to pay, and that's all part of the game of life.

Oh, the boss of the boss of my boss saw me and kiddingly stepped on my rubber shoes as she said, Hi.

I love this day! I love my team! I love life!

Note to self: Grow up! Lol.

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