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Week 40/52 #Weeklies

I could not believe it has been two years and a month since I started #Weeklies. My first post was written on September 7, 2015! I wrote about "A house with centralized AC!"

What amazed me when I read that blog post again was the message! I have been sharing stories over and over about the power of believing in your dreams! 

Friends, dreams do come true!!!
I am a living testament to that and I am sure you are too! But sometimes we forget, sometimes we allow anxieties and worries get the best of us, and sometimes we compare too much.

This Sunday's homily, the priest reminded us again that there are angels in this world. Angels are actually messengers. 

All we need is to learn to listen and be present to what is around us and heed to God's voice, God's angels through our families, friends, neighbors, even strangers, because they could be giving messages that will help us learn, understand, and choose. 

We started a company called Teach-USA last month. What I was not really prepared for was having this Non-Filipino commenter who at every post, would comment and call me SCAM.

First was this post: Would You Like to Teach in New Mexico?

Well, I thought he would be happy with my answer. But, another comment was posted this time at this post: That Deep-Within-Feeling 

So I was like, I hope for now he would really do his research and just read!!! But still, here he goes again at this post: Win-Win-Win This time, he commented on the post, SCAM!

Alright, I guess I have a new follower...

Then with Pack Your Luggage and Let's Go To USA I replied "who says" to this Filipino commenter who said to prepare Php 500,000 because Teach-USA is not advertising at all to prepare that much money just to get here! 

Anyway, here was my follower again, meddling. 

I decided to not answer him anymore and just prayed he will come to his senses - and that is easy if he will only do his research first than declare to the world wide web what he does not know.

This Filipino commenter's message was awesome! I consider him my angel because he simply fought for facts. I love how he just fearlessly put his message out there when he doesn't really have to do that, but he did.

Sometimes, in life, we may not know HOW, how am I going to solve this problem, how will I get from where I am now to where I want to be, how will I handle this non-Filipino commenter who loves me a lot?! How, how, how?

Friends, I believe, we don't have to be boxed by asking too many hows! It is knowing what we want and thinks we will get it someday soon that will get us to our destination. 

It is not fun to be always anxious and worried about things we have no control of. Sometimes, God has His ways of telling us to just enjoy the moment, and He will bless our families and us. Just like how He sent this Filipino commenter who, I felt, fought his message for me.

Pinoy Teacher Stories' readers, I did not know that beginning a business will get me to Week 40/52, Yey! Thank you for reading and following my FB page. Thanks to FB ADS too! (pure happiness, yes!)  

To my favorite non-Filipino follower, monies are involved, that is true, but I still believe payments are not the be-all and end-all. I always value my relationships with God, to my family, relatives, and friends. I am still accountable to God, that is what matters. 

I thank you for opening the minds of my kababayans, about scammers and lies, that is very important, and I truly appreciate your concerns.

But, I'm sorry to disappoint, I am not it.

Filipino teacher applicants, Teach-USA is only responding to the needs of the students here in New Mexico, that is my sole purpose for doing this. 

As you decide if you are going with us, I urge you to please, please pray about it as your decision will ripple and will impact a lot of people, your family, your current situation, and especially the students whom you will serve here. 

I assure you, your life will never be the same again, and that is humongous because the possibilities are infinite!

Please listen to your angels as they will provide messages that will help you learn, understand, and choose.

May all our dreams be blessed!

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