It Is Not Easy #Weeklies

Week 44/52 #Weeklies

Teaching in the US is not a walk in the park.

A year after I started teaching in the Philippines, I met a teacher-friend who shared how she applied to teach in the US with J1 visa. After a week of being in the elementary school, she literally raised her arms in surrender, she told the principal, "I can't do it. I am sorry" and left.

Ten years after, I had my share of experiences in teaching American children. I survived.

I survived, not because I am way better teacher than her but because I was more mentally and emotionally ready for the challenge.

Teachers, teaching in the US is NOT EASY!

The students in the US are NOT the same as our Filipino students. Even if we have 60-80 students as soon as we enter the cramped room, they will keep quiet and respect our presence. Here, that will be a miracle (if you have not established trust and earned respect yet).

Respect is not given here, you have to earn it as a teacher. The culture is way different than what we are accustomed to in our home country.

If in the Philippines, people bow to you. Here, oh no!

Although the cost to teach in the US is relative to the agencies and J1 sponsors, if you are not 100% prepared on the real challenges, you will feel trapped and a victim of circumstances.

Teachers, please spare yourself from unhappiness, depression, wrong decision, and monetary commitment. The investment is not worth it.

But if you feel with all our heart and soul that this is it for you, this is your dream and you want to make it come true,  then please feel free to send your resume to Let's be fearless!


  1. “Kahit tumulay ka pa sa alambri or kakain ka ng apoy”, students won’t listen to you. You have to be very creative as a teacher, not just talk and talk in front of students, in order to capture their attention. If you are not ready for these challenges, do yourself and your family a favor, please quit.

  2. 15years of teaching experience in the Philippines is nothing compared to a day teaching in the US, we have to start anew and be emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to whatever we may encounter. If we have doubts even just a tiny bit that we can pursue with this, then this job is not for us..

  3. when you decide to let go of your secured JOB in the Philippines and decide to try teaching here in “America” then prepare to BRACE yourself with the IMPACT..Be Strong because if NOT you will for sure REGRET every bit of your decision..

  4. One piece of advice: leave your status and pride behind. Your students or colleagues doesn't really care if you're a PhD or an EdD or a principal back home. What they need is teacher who can teach and make them love coming to school. You will later earn their respect if you truly deserve it.

  5. The American dream through teaching may not be as easy as a pie nor a bed of roses... as long as you love what you're doing, you can surpass the challenges. The support system in your school also must learn to be self-reliant and believe in yourself to go with the tide. After all, you made a choice not for yourself but for the family.


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