Just Like That!

And just like that!

Would you believe you were just praying to God for that job offer a few months ago?

And then you were cramming to complete all your requirements for the visa sponsorship?

Do you remember the number of times you begged God for US embassy approval and an easy process with the CFO?

How excited you were to fly to the US of A?!

And finally! Ah, breathe the air of the Land of the Milk and Honey!

Then, the REALITY strikes!

And the dollars couldn't patch how you miss your family so much!

And to help you survive, you were counting the days to paycheck

Seeing dollar signs everywhere to get by

And smile when you can now pay all your bills

And day in and day out, you climb your mountain

As you stand strong, firm, and accountable

This. is. your. dream.

And you are living it!

You survived your 1st school year.

But there are two or four more years to go. 

Are you ready to quit? 

Or are you appreciative that your dream came true? 

Because indeed, it was just like that.

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