Lucky or Unlucky?

1) I drove to the airport and parked. The shuttle took a few minutes to pick us up, so I got to chat with another traveler while waiting! 

2) When the shuttle dropped us off, I walked straight to the gate since I'd already checked in online. The officer checked my ID quickly. But I had to wait a long time to get my bags in security!

3) The flight to LAX was delayed! I got a good seat when we finally boarded, and happily, the flight was smooth and landed perfectly! But we had to wait for a few minutes on the plane again because of LAX traffic!

4) I got out of the plane and was disoriented about time (LOL). I decided to go to the restroom first and find a nice little bag to use (I thought since the flight was delayed anyway, I still had time to kill!)  When I finally went down to terminal transfers, they denied me access to the terminal because they said the flight was full already! They asked me to go to customer service so they could rebook my flight! 

5) They gave me a free hotel 18 miles away from the airport! - They also gave me a free food voucher - for $12.00 (the airport food costs more than that)! And free transport to the hotel. 

6) The taxi driver was crazy!!! I felt like we were in a car racing game - he didn't care if we were a few inches away from the bumper of another car, and then he'd change lanes again and again!!! 

7) The hotel room was very, very nice! The bed was perfect, and the eight pillows were very comfy!!

Lucky or unlucky?

Ahh, it doesn't matter if it was lucky or unlucky. Instead, this is what TRUSTING GOD with my life's journey looks like - a LIFE full of adventure! 

And I love it!

The next day.... a beautiful day!


God is good!

Wait! Guess what?!!!

8) I thought the trip back would be typical, but not!!!

The pilot said that we'd be landing in 10 minutes. So, my mind was, "Great! We'll be landing soon!" And even if the flight down was rough, it's tolerable UNTIL instead of landing we went straight UP again!!!!


My blood left my body, and I had cold sweats! I had to take out my face mask to breathe!!!

They call it Balked Landing, and the experience was similar to this YouTube video!!!

9) Finally, touch down! 

And then we had to wait for 30 minutes for our checked-in bags!!!!

10) The Wonton Soup and Siopao at Chow King and chicken at Jollibee saved my day! HAHA!

It was a long day!

Yes, God is good!
And what an adventure it was!

11) I slept for 8 hours! 

Refreshed and ready for Monday.... my next trip! :)

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