No SPED Experience

I received this email and sent her a short answer.




I had 33 units in MA Sped. 
I also did not have SPED teaching experience since I was teaching Computer subjects in the Philippines then. (or so I thought!)

But, during the interview, something popped into my mind - 
I did have SPED teaching experiences!

1) I had a computer class with students with speech and hearing impairments.

2) I had one-on-one teaching experience with this gifted kid during my internship! 

3) I had a lot of students with Specific Learning Disabilities in both Math and Reading (Yes, I thought they could all be undiagnosed!) *Thus, I was already doing Inclusion or Resource classes! 

Why? How? 

Because I was constantly giving accommodations, modifications, and doing individualized plans for my students, and that's basically what Special Education is about!

When I convinced my mind that I could do the work, I knew I got it when I had my first and only US interview! And I did.

Mindset matters!

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  1. Hi ma'am Gemma. Personally, I really want to teach SPED learners. I have experienced teaching some when I had my back then and also when I became a kindergarten teacher. Some of my students were gifted, with ADHD but parents back then could not accept the situation of the child so they enrolled the kids to a public school. When I read this article of you, I also realized that I do have teaching experience in teaching SPED. Surprisingly, I love the experience. I learned how to love my former SPED pupils. But the problem is, I do not have SPED units right now. Hehe. Just sharing po., 🥰

  2. Wow brilliant idea! Agree much when it comes to SPED teaching experiences even in regular classes coz we conduct accommodations for individual learners with disabilities even. We may not have a formal SPED program in school but we have skills in handling the SNS.


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