It Will Happen by Jeah


If it is God’s will, then it will surely happen.

It all started last September 2017 (not so sure), when TEACH-USA still don’t have FB group, when my co-teacher (the niece of Ma’am Beth) sent me the link of TEACH-USA. I never dreamed working abroad that time. 

I never dreamed working to other countries for I was in the state of happiness serving my teaching career in our city. I always wanted to visit some countries for adventures not for work. 

Honestly, I’m not the type of girl who had guts and I’m very doubtful in taking risks. Hesitations and what if’s are always on my mind. I heard plenty of advices that I should try and I kept on stalking and reading the FB group of Teach -USA.. 

A year later. August 2018, I gave it a try to submit online the basic requirements without expecting I would make it. I never think and hope that they will answer my email the following day!!! 

I was a little bit surprised cause I never thought that they would respond. It was then the beginning of everything. On that weekend also, I went to Simala, I prayed and talked to God and Mama Mary for my application.

September 2018, When the online application started, the process went smooth until the Education Perspectives sent an Email informing me that I needed to submit another set of TORs from my different Universities attended. 

Luckily, I sent the lacking documents on time, thanks for the help Ma’am Rodelyn, you will always be my guardian angel.. (FYI.. We became friends when we just met each other in PRC Mandaue City, we were asking in the information table about the requirements and I saw her cellphone with the list also of TEACH-USA requirements).. from then we keep in touch with each other with our application..

October 2018, the most awaited month because it will be the starting day of interviews.. this is the time also that I kept on receiving Emails about another candidate was selected for the said position. 

I just kept on praying to God, If it’s for me, it’s for me.

I just keep myself busy reviewing the interview segment, study segment, reading blogs of Ma’am Gemma, followed famous SPED Teacher in the US in Instagram and watching video blogs about the life of Special Education teacher in the US to gain more ideas about teaching and managing the class in US. 

I was also pressured every time Ma’am Gemma post a congratulatory message in TEACH-USA family FB group but at the same time I am also happy for them because I know they deserved it! 

Days before the Skype Job Fair, I was informed that my online application is incomplete and it would affect our chances in getting interviewed in the job fair.. that time I don’t know what to do, because when I check every details in my information nothing is lacking, in fact I already received emails from the district that some position were already filled.. I’m hopeless.. 

Good thing that the relic of St. Padre Pio were brought here in Cebu City for 3 days, I really paid a visit, I don’t mind the long lines just to offer a prayer and there I saw the message of St. Padre Pio.. “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”.. 

I am really teary eyed when I saw that message.. So, I never worry after that night and trust the plan of the Lord.

The night before the job fair, I prayed that “Please Lord, Kung ano lang pinag-aralan ko ng mabuti sana doon lng magfocus ang principal sa pagtatanong akin, give me the words, Lord please”..

On the first day of Skype Job Fair, I woke up and prepared early.. I don’t have schedules, I just wait until the principal would pick and interview me.. before 7 am starts my payers were “Lord, please kahit isang interview lang, para maka experience ako ng interview kung ano sa feeling at para magpakitang gilas sa principal :)”.. I’m still doubtful that principal will notice me because I have no overwhelming achievements, in short ordinary teacher lang talaga ako but with God nothing is impossible.

At 7:30 a.m., I am surprised Teach-USA sent me a message in skype, “Standby, you’re next”..

I am really nervous and excited that time, then tumawag agad c Ma’am Paloma it lasted 20 mins, and I can say to myself that I did a good job.. naghanda nalang ako sa result.. teary eyed ako after sa interview. 

I did not expect another interview na..but after a couple of minutes, Ma’am Gemma called me in Messenger I thought she will inform me na you’re hired (feeler lang).. but it’s another principal who wants to interview me!!!!! This time it just lasted 10 mins. Then performance level pa rin. Lol 

.. both principals were kind and accommodating but I ready myself kahit hindi ma hired, atleast naka dalawa sa first day at may experience na ako.. 

But God IS SOOO GOOOOOODD!! after ilang minutes may na receive akong CONFIRMATION EMAIL na hired na ako!! 

Hindi ko napigilan tuloyan ng umiyak at tumalon talon sa saya. Thank you Lord! Ma’am Gemma is right, this experience will strengthen our faith and we will never be the same.

I can do all thing with God who strengthens me. To God be the Glory.

To my TEACH-USA family, thank you so much for accepting me to be part of your family, thank you so much for being a blessing to us. You’re God’s gift to us. 

To our Heavenly Father for guiding me and keeping me always safe and for the countless blessings.

Jesus never said it would be easy, but He said it would be worth it.

Matthew 7:13-14

-Written by Jeah.


  1. Wow Congrats Ma'am. Hope to experience the same heheh­čą░

  2. Very inspiring❤️ God is good all the time.


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