My Turn by Darwin

My Turn 

I am just an ordinary person but with extraordinary hope, effort, and determination to reach this dream.

From day one that I decided to apply Teach-USA, I already felt God’s GO signal. On that the same day, He gave me someone to assist in financing my evaluation and licensing fee. I received His message very loud and clear, “Darwin, Claim it!”. 

Thereafter, I was very motivated to proceed in my application. Upon collecting those necessary papers; repeat, revise, return, revisit, … these were my best friends in putting together documents into perfection. Time, effort, resources, and sometimes my quality bonding time with my kids were the valuable things I sacrificed. Thanks God - It paid off!

Like any other else, I had also my own share of trials and circumstances along the way, but several SIGNS made me inspired to keep moving. Let me mentioned few of those, 

(1) I posted on FB the gifts I received during Teachers’ Day, my very good friend Aida commented “I saw a sign” referring to the mug with hot air balloon design, just then I also noticed the word printed in the mug PISA, and I said, “PISA - for Poster In Sa America” (lol). 

(2) I went to Dumaguete, City to process my passport (with the help of Ma'am Marwinfe - a new found friend in Teach-USA), I was riding a tricycle going to Robinsons where DFA is located. I had in my mind - “passport, not even sure if I could have a job offer” then as I looked at the other side of the street I saw a foreigner (I’m not certain if he’s an American or not) giving me a thumbs up (meaning it's an approve) – Am I just assuming? (lol). 

(3) During my first and last interview, I decided to bring extra one long-sleeved, of all I have in my cabinet I got the denim long-sleeved with stars design, similar to stars in USA's flag. Though it’s not an ideal attire for an interview but still I brought it and during the actual interview I put it in my lap (so weird, lol). 

(4) The night before I received the good news from Ma’am Gemma that, “I am Hired”, as I browsed my FB account I saw the post of my friend stating, “The Last Digits Of Your Phone Number Predict Your 2018”, and mine is 275 and these correspond 2 – ABROAD, 7 – Change your house, and 5 – More Pretty, (lol for #5). I paused for a while and offered a prayer.

October 9 - early in the morning, I missed the call of Ma’am Gemma, she sent me message to apply online in a certain school and prepare myself for interview the following day. 

We’re actually two Teach-USA aspirants endorsed by Ma’am Gemma for that interview. I was not expecting any interview, thinking most of the hiring and interviews those times were for SpEd and Elem teachers not for High School Math Teacher. 

Late in that afternoon, I decided to go to city and rent for pension house to secure quiet place and excellent internet connection. Along the way, I was wide awake reviewing those possible questions and tried to answer those in my mind. I spent the entire 3-hour travel studying and praying. 

Did I spend much? The answer is YES! Do I have a lot of money? The answer is NO. 

Let’s do the Math. If I didn’t invest in my first interview then, it’s costlier if I still have to undergo another interview/s because I missed the first one. Remember, we’re spending dollars for our evaluation and licensing, so don’t hesitate to spend your pesos for the Teach-USA aspirants’ ultimate challenge to get a job offer, - “ace the interview”.

Actually, I didn’t try having a mock interview and I don’t have mentor yet. We are just so blessed that we have Ma'am Hazel of Teach-USA, a brilliant and kind-hearted person, who anytime willing to assist us and guide us towards our success. 

That night, ma’am volunteered to check my Skype connection and gave me some tips on how to impress the principal/panel. She sent me message after our Skype session saying, “okay man kaayo ka, if ako ang principal – you are hired”. That compliment from you ma’am boosted my confidence and it helped me a lot during my actual interview with the principal and assistant principal. 

Thank you so much, Ma’am. God will surely reward your goodness.

I was one of those hopeful aspirants waited for an interview in the 2-day Skype job fair. I was absent, travelled to the city and booked a pension house for two days. I dressed up with my best outfit and sprayed with my favorite perfume (if that made me more confident, why not?l lol). 

I started to ask God, "Why?". And He answered me early on the following day through ma'am Gemma's message that, "I AM HIRED".

To Teach-USA, saying thank you is not even enough to express my sincere gratitude for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Ma’am, you teach us two important life lessons; to be, anytime, at our best, and to pray always. 

Remember Teach-USA “Every successful story, you made a HAPPY SOUL and a HAPPY GOD”.

And I say,

Learn not to underestimate your POWER!

Believe in yourself!

Keep the FAITH!

It will bring you FAR!

God Speed Teach-USA!

-Written by Darwin.

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