Heeding The Call

There are days like today when I wonder if I didn't heed the voice telling me to change my life. What if I didn't listen to that voice that keeps telling me I have to run for my dreams?

Dennis, my husband, was a seaman* then, and although he received good money as one, it wasn't what I wanted. I always thought money was easy but building healthy family relationships was my goal. 

When Mimoi was about four months old, I couldn't stop thinking about having a complete family physically and not just on paper.

I wanted a complete family! Not an-always-in-the-honeymoon-stage with Dennis. As a seaman, he'd be with us for a couple of months, and then we'd see him again after nine months. With kids growing up, I knew I had to stop the cycle. (Although I like the time freedom and status of "single-ness" every nine months -- every now and then) Haha!

But there is something about having a relentless desire that would rock the heavens and earth to make it happen for you.

I bought a suitcase, prepared our passports, and mentally prepared myself for the journey. I told God, "I'm ready!" So, I trust -- You will deliver!

And He did.

It took Him two months. Two long months, haha! Yeah, God delivers His promise well. He is amazing!

I flew to the US with an H-1B visa. Mimoi was six months old then, while Mymy was five years old.

One year, I told myself, everything would work out in one year (I'll pass all my tests - since before it was all necessary to do that!), pay all my debts 100%, and I envisioned picking up my family at the airport a year after. 

No doubt, the relentless desire, 100% faith, and trust in God made it happen for me!

I left Sept 2007. 

I picked up my family at the airport Sept 2008.

All debts paid.

And our lives were never the same again.

The little voice in my head was God telling me it was time to change the trajectory of my life. He saw the big picture I didn't see. Maybe, Teach-USA was the big picture. Perhaps, it was all meant to be.

The voice you hear in your heart, is God. Listen.


Upon job offer, I paid $5000 outright (the agency gave me three days to pay!)

Upon H-1B visa approval before the US embassy visa appointment, I paid $10,000 outright (the agency gave me five days to pay!)

The agency made me pay a one-way airline ticket for about $2000 (yeah, our agency was one-of-a-kind!)

And what was hidden from us was that there were two agencies, and we would still need to pay the sister agency in the US 1% of our gross income for two years on top of what we already paid in the Philippines! (yeah, avariciousness at its best!)

*To each his/her own. My story and feelings are my own.



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