Expect the Unexpected


I started entertaining the thought of applying for the USA as a J1 teacher with the vision in mind of providing myself and my family a future with better options. Though I am no stranger of how difficult it would take as I have witnessed friends and colleagues took longer period to reach their goals.

With my experience, I started to email one district February of this year. To my surprise, they emailed me back after 4 hours and scheduled an interview right away. I was hesitant since I felt like it was too urgent and I myself was under prepared but I realized that God has answered my prayers so why ignore it. It was an empowering online interview and the HR Officer hired me on spot. Of course, having no experience on what to prepare and what to do made me anxious about this whole process but God has been so generous to me as the HR officer who hired me, introduced me to Ma’am Gemma Defeo Hilotin and to the Teach-USA Family. I think that when our intentions are pure, God appoints the right people to help us out.

It was not an easy route to be honest but when you have the RIGHT SUPPORT, you will stay on tract! I also commend Teach USA for having been my back bone throughout this whole process. To have people from Teach USA help and answer my questions lessened the worries I have. Knowing that someone constantly updates me of my status makes me at peace to take the risk.

Fast forward….with lots and lots of PRAYERS, with the support from the RIGHT PEOPLE, and with the guidance of TeachUSA, the efforts and anxiety I had for this process were rewarded generously with Job Offer, Visa Sponsorship, and today I just had my VISA APPROVED.

Truly, this is not what I expected! God went way beyond my expectations and I am beyond grateful! 

-- Mel D.L.S.

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