The Rant


The Facebook commenter was the sister who couldn't qualify for the U.S. teaching programs since she is a Journalism graduate. She vetted for her sister, who is an Education graduate instead.

She sent an email asking about securing a US teaching license to which I replied about the required Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE). I gave her the information about the FCE agencies and a discounted link from one of the agencies as an option.

Teach-USA does not benefit monetarily from any of the FCE agencies. We are only passing on discounts to teachers to help with costs.


An FCE agency will only evaluate your Transcript of Record to US Standards. It will do none else.

The Public Education Teaching License Department of any of the 50 States is where you will apply for a teaching license. They are the ones who are qualified and would know about their own US teaching license requirements. Different states have different requirements.

Securing a US license is not guaranteed. The Public Education Teaching License Department has the final say based on your educational background, current out-of-the-country license, and FCE.

Teach-USA can help you with your US teaching license application. We do not guarantee anything.

Anyway, here's the rest of the story:

After securing the FCE independently, she sought our services to help her with the U.S. teaching license - which after some time, wasn't successful. The state Public Education Department didn't qualify her sister's credentials for a regular U.S. teaching license and offered an alternative route instead.

Her sister's credential below looks eligible from our end, but the US Public Education has a different judgement:

Secondary School Teacher Diploma Major in English from one of the Universities in Cameroon, West Africa

General Certificate of Education from the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board


So here she comes the sister who paid for the process commenting her heart out. Please read the long rant below.


Nothing is guaranteed in this life.

So, we take the risk.

That's the only thing we can do to grow and move forward.

But, please know that when you do take the chance - all the responsibilities and accountabilities for taking such are all on you, none else.

Please be mature enough to accept the RESULTS of whatever endeavor you are taking on.

Sadly, the sister of this Cameroon teacher took the chance, but instead of accepting the results of her actions, blamed the one who helped her with the process instead.

She spent the money and felt she had all the right to rant and blame. The Blame Game is ON!

I believe more than the money she spent was a feeling that a dream had ended for her and her sister. That's the saddest part.

A fixed mindset would look at failure as the end of the game. For a person with a growth mindset, instead of blaming the one who helped with the process, taking on the challenge of improving her sister's credentials is the best route.

The experience would have been a good stepping stone because no one will ever know (except a co-Cameroon with a U.S. teaching license with the same educational credentials from the same University or a co-Cameroon who is an employee of one of the US state Public Education Teaching License Department, or an expert with Cameroon and US teaching processes and requirements or unless you paid, like she did for the US teaching license application with one of the US state) if her sister is qualified or will successfully secure the U.S. license.

But with the risk, they now have base information and can use that to leverage growth.

If an agency like Teach-USA can evaluate your Transcript of Records, do what FCE agencies do, help you with the US teaching license application, and at the same time GUARANTEE your US teaching license - that will be the DREAM! Not Teach-USA's dream though.

To end the drama, Teach-USA has returned the FULL AMOUNT she paid us to help her with the U.S. teaching license application. 


To learn more about securing your US license, please email using the subject line: US License Inquiry.

From the FB Comment:


My sister paid money through you for some evaluation because she was hoping you would assist with obtaining a teaching license. After money was paid, it was one story to the other and constantly asking us to communicate with Hazel. Hazel, has not been able to fix the issue with the application and till date since last year, no one has said anything. We are just not happy that we were used for you to get your referral with Spantran on an evaluation that we would have done with Wes without issues. Feeling used!


I am sorry about your experience. We helped your sister in applying for a US teaching license- ONLY that. The RESULTS of the US teaching license application is not under the control of Teach-USA. The US Public Education Department DECIDES the approval or disapproval of the teaching license. The process to get there TAKES TIME and that is not under the jurisdiction of Teach-USA anymore.

However you secured your FCE (be it with Spantran or WES or whatever accredited agency it is) is irrelevant since they are using the same TOR you are submitting.

Your concerns are valid. BUT if you have any concerns about the Public Education Department's decision, please feel free to connect with them directly.


that’s not my point. The point is, you as an experienced expert in helping candidates secure roles, you should at the very least, know who’s eligible for a license. If you come across a candidate who’s unlikely to qualify, let them know that it won’t be possible and they shouldn’t spend money doing evaluations which won’t serve them. Getting candidates to evaluate their documents because you benefit from the referral or some other way, should not be the primary objective. Feeling used.


The educational background of our sister looks good to us. BUT the one who would have the final say is the US Public Education Department. We are not qualified or trained to look into all the details of the transcript of records. FYI, we do not benefit monetarily from any of our referrals to FCE agencies. We are able to charge less because we are given discounts which we are passing on to teachers. Please stop making judgements.


Please know that your sister was given the DISCLAIMER about securing both the FCE and license. All these she has a copy. I can forward you everything that was sent to her PRIOR to her decision of paying for our services.


What's the incentive of passing discounts if no gain is made? It is beggar's believe to think otherwise. Well, you should consider getting some training on looking at details so that candidates don't spend hundreds of dollars to secure an evaluation which will tantamount to nothing. The time, anticipation and money spent on it is bone aching.


Please remember when you first sent me an email you were asking about how to secure a US license. I replied by telling you that one needs to have an FCE first - since that is a required document. I sent you a link so you will get a discount in securing one.

Had you asked that I evaluate your sister’s Transcript of Records, my reply would have been different.

To each his own. There are 50 US States with 50 different US teaching license requirements. A US state’s teaching license requirements may change anytime too! At the same time, teachers are coming in from ALL over the world - all with different Education credentials. I have no plans on devoting my time in looking at each of the teacher’s transcripts of records to satisfy your need- a US Public Education Department will do that job.

You have taken a risk - with your money because you believed your sister is qualified for a US license. It would have been a different story if the US Public Education Department approved her credentials- unfortunately, the 1/50 state did not. Good news, you have 49 states more to check if she can secure one.

I’m sorry again it didn’t pan out for your sister’s Cameroon Education credentials.

Please know that we will refund you the full amount you paid us for your sister US license application. Please check your email for the proof of refund.

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