First Timers

(Snippets of the adventure!~)

I remember, on our very first day in New Orleans, Louisiana, we were looking for sari-sari stores! There's none!!!

Unlike in the Philippines where you see stores on every corner? 

Here?, none (you miss it, but after some time, you get used to it!)
We have no car since we just came. What did we do? You think we would hire a taxi, NOT! We walked! Yes, we were the only ones walking too!!! LOL!

So we "paraded", with "umbrella", under the heat of the sun! (We could feel people in their cars, staring! Care in the world… this is America, remember!?!)
Alas, the mall! We toured some more, and thought, "So, this is the mall? THIS IS THE MALL!?" (Mmmm.. malls are more fun in the Philippines! Truly!)
What about food? Let's see... Chinese Food Budget meals... $7.59 (2 viands meal) $8.59 (3 viands meal)  “What’s the current exchange rate?” “45.00 pesos”

OK, here goes... 7.59 X 45.00 = Php 341.55 divided by 3 persons = Php 113.85  divided by 45.00 = $2.53

8.59 X 45.00 = 386.55 divided by 3 persons = Php 128.85 divided by 45.00 = $2.86

Decision made: Share one 3 viands meal for the three of us! LOL!

Rule of the game the first week: convert before you eat! 
Groceries? WALMART! We were excited to see Walmart the first time that we even took pictures!!!

... and yes, we did the same, we converted dollars to pesos before deciding what to buy!

... and that was EVERY TIME we went to the stores! Truth be told! LOL!
BUT after some time, though, we decided to live normal.

We stopped converting, we enjoyed walking, we lived!

First timers no more :)


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