Who's Who? - Lesson Learned

Some of you may have read my recent post Some bi***y behind-the-scene story. Quite a story, yes?

Well, who's the victim and who's responsible?

Here I was writing it all down but the point is, they may be sharing their own points of views too with their friends. We all have our share of stories.

Who ends up the victor and the loser, is the question.

But does it really matter?

My point: 
People will always have something to say. Either you accept it as true or negate it.

If I am affected (and really affected!), I'd rather confront the person involved than go to all my friends asking for comfort, I'd rather talk to the person and have everything settled than go to all channels, whispering behind backs! - It will not solve anything - promise!

Since I may have unconsciously hurt their ego, (and really, many are not so sensitive about this, sometimes we are already hurting people with our words and actions and NOT know about it! - INDIFFERENCE! I am guilty of being one sometimes, my bad!), it would have been BEST for them (my choice) to directly talk to me and we can all settle the differences right there and then rather than act as if everything's ok, or talk behind someone else's back. Communication is my preference!

But it is all about INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES too, some (and this is not a racial thing, this is true to all races and culture) does not really have the guts to do it, some would just swallow their pride and bottle up their negative feelings inside (mmm, cancerous! - no like!) or find solace through their own sets of friends, who could get back on the person! - resistance, resentment, revenge!

Life, life's like that at times. Either we live with it, fight it or do something about it!

My lesson learned:
I really need to start becoming more sensitive and conscious of my words and actions because I am directly or indirectly affecting the people around me. I am responsible, accountable and the time is now to do something about it.

Life give us lessons, and until we learn the lesson, it will keep on coming back.

I pray I learned mine this time.

Peace! :)



  1. One of the reasons that you should be true to yourself is that people will always have something to say good or bad so why bother? Though of course, a limit to a persons freedom is when he starts encroaching others personal space.

  2. Haha. Yeah. I think you can lessen being frank, as some people are highly sensitive to criticism. But nonetheless, you don't need to do it if what you're really saying is true, right?

  3. Resistance, resentment and revenge = letting the person get in your head.

  4. I'm pretty good in being indifferent and it works for me. May not work well for other people though. I reckon I'd only bite back if someone hurts the people I love.

  5. So it's confrontation vs. avoidance then? But I think you're right. Not everyone can handle the direct approach. Better to be mindful of the things we say then. :)

  6. You should be really true to yourself like what Mr. Franc said. Don't think of others sensitively but think of yourself. :)

  7. It's always good to learn from our experiences. This is how we grow.

  8. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.
    Prov 18:21

  9. people always have something to say indeed so don't mind them coz they won't matter at all in your life!! love all your posts dear! xx

  10. I'm glad that you had a self realization. I went through that before.

  11. true, mind what your mouth is going to say. I learned it too, being a tactless my self.

  12. Words are very powerful. It is but important that you are open-minded all the time so that small or big situations will not easily dishearten you.

  13. I just read both the articles about this issue - it's interesting that while you were open in your comments, nobody did you the courtesy of being honest about their reaction to it! How hard would it be to ask 'why do you think that?' or something similar that would start an open and honest dialogue? Maybe you were right, maybe not - but it would have been an interesting conversation to have!

  14. Yeah, you're right. I guess I judged her quickly too. *I had to reread the story, I guess I've grown a lot since then!


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