On dramas and teleseryes #Weeklies

Week 12/52 #Weeklies

I had a heart-to-heart talk with my husband, Dennis, one time. You see he's a lover of teleseryes!

He could sit all day just watching all his teleseryes and he'd be happy, peaceful and complete.
Well, until he'd use his dramatic scenes to us and of course, we hate it! I mean well, I don't like drama, a good thing, my kids don't, either!

I had to share how our mind -conscious and subconscious- works.

He told me he just takes it all in. 

I told him to filter what he's watching. 

He couldn't just allow all the drama to get into his system. At the very least, he has to check if the person he could be admiring in the teleserye, is a victim or a responsible person.  The reason why is, unconsciously, he, maybe becoming the character in the teleserye whether he likes it or not.

Mindfulness is the key. 

If he just takes all the drama in his system. He is putting all these in his subconscious, and since the subconscious part of our mind is like a storage system in a computer, it stores all programs and data... and every time the conscious mind is put up with circumstances and events similar to the movies, the drama stored is retrieved and sent in words, thoughts and deeds!

If we do not filter what we put in our subconscious mind, our lives are impacted, and we are not even aware of it.

We are who we are because of what we allow to go in our minds. What we feed our mind matters... a lot! 

Unless you want all the negativity, garbage, gossips, problems, anger, pain and issues to settle and rent areas in our minds then so be it. But, we can also choose otherwise.
If we'll feed our minds with what's true, what's noble, what's right, what's pure, whatever is lovely and admirable, whatever is excellent and praiseworthy, would it be helpful?

If we enrich our minds with positive things, with good vibes, with good reads, with good conversations, would it enrich our lives too?

We do have a choice of what we want to put in our subconscious. Too many teleseryes, especially if not filtered, could be bad, right?

So, I'd sit in with him for a minute and I would point blank say the teleserye is full of dramatic victims and that's not what he should really be wasting his time on. 

Although, "Be My Lady", is one teleserye that I find to be cute, light and am seeing responsible thinkers or at least shifts in thinking, which is good, so far. I hope it keeps up otherwise, I can find some better things to do.

Well, changing habits could take a while, but I know just like a rubber band stretched, am sure after the conversation, even in a small way, Dennis will never be the same again. 

I know it will take series of mental discussion before he'd finally dig what I am talking about. 

But, I feel it's a good start.

#Think it!



  1. I agree! So many negative vibes recently... with all the social media chuchus . I just stay away and block negative news/posts (including staying away from negatrons/pips) to keep my positivity intact hehehe

  2. There are actually people who have a hard time detaching from a character of a teleserye. Existential crisis gone bad.

  3. It's that Dennis is being monitored and let him realize what is good and what is bad of what he is watching. It is for sure after a good conversation, he will change for the better.

  4. I think what you did with your husband absolutely right.

  5. I was reminded of my favorite line "to think is to create". and true everything starts from the mind, in fact even the Bible affirms this."think whatever is lovely, noble, pure beautiful....."

  6. Sometimes, we should have a lot of drama we end up bringing a lot of drama in our life.

  7. It's rare for male to love teleserye and I am actually amazed I find it cute too that your husband love teleserye.

  8. I watch teleserye at night because I consider it as my me time. I just enjoy watching and take it as a grain of salt. My current fave is Encantadia :)

  9. We do not watch teleseryes but sports as my husband and I loves to watch football and hockey. Though I also love to watch reality show like Dancing With The Stars.


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