Shift is good! #Weeklies

Week 13/52 #Weeklies


Aside from taking online courses, I spend most of my time on Facebook. Not to say it is a bad thing, because it is not. I get to see friends, relatives and family’s social activities and I get to be in touch! But, I realized lately that it has, at some point in time, gotten in a way of my purpose, and I was even unaware of it! 

This year, I've started off with the 30 Day Infinite Possibilities Project of Mike Dooley and there on, I've become more focused on living my vision board and best of all, I have started reading books again! Hurray! 

I thought, reading friends’ statuses on Facebook and famous artists’ gossips and stories here and there will suffice my thirst for knowledge hahaha, well, nope.

So, in my world now, I’ve become friends with my old time friends again!- Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Earl Nightingale, George Clason, Thomas Willhite, Wayne Dyer, Leo Buscaglia among others… and have met new ones, like David Dean, Carol Dweck, Flip Flippen, Laura Fortgang, Bronnie Ware… and am excited with my What’s Next?!

All I know for now is that since I've started reading again... I've subconsciously activated my inner power... and that's a good thing! ... and for me, that's becoming the-best-version-of-myself! Simply because I love what I am becoming because of the books I'm reading!

What about you? Have you made shifts in your thinking, habits, and hobbies yet? It may be a good thing. 

Reading my blogs every now and then could be a good shift too, you know? Lol. Just a thought!
Oh, I still am on Facebook. Gotta love Facebook! But I'm using it in moderation this time! :)


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