one sweet YES! #Weeklies

Week 15/52 #Weeklies

Dennis was so excited to park the car to start the walking sacrifice last Good Friday. 

Last year we started the ritual of walking every Good Friday to Chimayo, one of the oldest churches in New Mexico (like more than 200 years old!), a miraculous church at that too!

Anyway, Dennis wasn’t able to come last year because he has to go to work and now he was so eager to park even if we told him it was still a long way to go and we could just park nearer like 30 minutes away and it would still be fine. But he insisted.

I told the kids to honor him and follow his directions. So off we walked for 3 miles.

The weather cooperated and since we just had very light breakfast, walking still at 2 pm was well, a good sacrifice, indeed!

We visited the church, paid our respects and decided to head back.

The wind started to blow and it started to get chilly.  I told everyone we would hitch a ride. Mimoi bought the idea and wanted to get a ride so bad. He knew it was a long walk back to the car.

I was still getting the courage to wave and ask for a favor when the two pickup trucks passed. It was a missed opportunity, I know, but when the wind blew harder, I knew I had to do it.

Mimoi and I started walking backward a couple of times so as not to miss the trucks. Mimoi was alerting me of incoming trucks! That was how decided he was!

We had to let some trucks pass because they were either carrying passengers already or the drivers weren't looking, but I still waved on some others to no avail. Not losing heart we tried again, but still, they wouldn’t stop for us.

Dennis decided to stop walking to rest for a while. We followed suit and then came the truck… I waved, it stopped and I ran to ask permission to ride at the back. We were saved!

Mimoi happily said, a lot of truck drivers said no, but trying, again and again, led us to a yes! It was a good lesson!

We all brought home lessons that day I’m sure.

It was a first for me to hitch a ride in the US of A. If ever I need to do it again, I’m sure I would but most importantly was the lesson of trying and trying again.

No matter how many declination, rejections and naysayers… and there will forever be many of them for whatever reasons, still in the end what matters most is that one sweet yes and oh yes it will come… it will always come… it’s just a matter of waiting patiently, it's just a matter of not giving up!

Jesus died on the cross for us. He himself had even his own best friend reject him three times! But despite all the negativity, he carried on, knowing that He will be victorious in the end. He knew that no matter how long, far or wide, that sweet yes and approval is coming. And it did, and it did.


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