Honor Thy Husband #Weeklies

Week 16/52 #Weeklies

I asked a co-worker whose office is opposite mine. I told her if she can do me a favor, I'd like to show her a product because by doing so to 20 people, I can get mine free. Plain and simple request right? Her responseOK, let me talk to my husband first.

Ok, I’ll talk to my husband?! She said she’s ready to retire, so she could be in her 60s already. But, the response, Ok, I’ll talk to my husband. I mean, really? At her age? Wow!

In my case, I’ll talk to my husband, yes, but I have never used that excuse yet :)

If someone would ask for a simple favor, I’d look at my schedule, think of Dennis' schedule and would readily decide if it’s a yes or no. I'd also tell not ask, Dennis later. I mean what’s the harm of a product demonstration? No one is obligated to buy anyway, right? But I guess that's not the point...

On a positive outlook, maybe that’s the way she honors her husband and maybe I should learn that too. (yeah, about time!)

Maybe, for next time I should save my decision for later. I would ask, and not tell Dennis, and let him decide if he wants to or not. Ugh, all I know is, in the end, he’d just say do whatever I want; it’s all OK with him. I also know that even if he says no, I know I could always change his mind and in the end, he’d agree. It is that simple, really. 

I am just thankful I don’t have to use “let me ask my husband” as an excuse. I’m thankful I have a husband who honors me and my decisions. 

When I asked my co-worker again, she said, my husband doesn’t want it. 

Oh, well, I’m sure it wasn’t the husband who doesn’t want it, it was her, right? - for reasons I really have no business of knowing. 

The thing is persistent as I am, I’ll try again next time. Let her wait and see. 

Oh, I always see them at church, maybe I’ll just introduce myself to her husband and ask him directly. Hihi. 

Kidding :)

Still, the bottom line here is: Honor Thy Husband.
and my bottom line is Honor Their Decision (for the mean time) :)


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