A Lifetime #Weeklies

Week 28/52 #Weeklies

For some reason, I am not fond of drama, especially in relationships. The thing is I know I am not fond of it way before I was even in love relationships!

I remember holding on to my belief that if I see "him" I'll know it is "him"! My heart will tell me so. The "him" is, of course, my future partner in life. 

So at 15 when everybody was into having boyfriends and dates. I had none. After graduating from college, I still had none. None because I hadn't met "him" yet. 

So I waited... and waited... and waited!!! 

And then... our paths crossed... finally! I shared that story here, I think.

So, on our 7th day of having known each other, we went on a movie date, our second time. 

I do not remember what happened, but for some reason, we left the theater holding hands! Then, I saw my officemates from afar, and I finally came to my senses! 

I quickly pulled my hand from his grip, faced him, and told him "You're now officially my boyfriend!"

And that was it!

I guess it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. But I am grateful to God for today, October 8th is our 16th wedding anniversary!

For all the weirdness, sweetness and uncommonness, happy anniversary muy! :)

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