Looking forward #Weeklies

Week 27/52 #Weeklies

I told my boss who was preparing to leave the office, “Safe travels! Don’t sleep!” 

The message was for me as just two weeks ago I fell asleep for a second or two and found myself in the sloping grassy median. You’ll find the story here

My boss replied, “Oh, I won’t fall asleep, I’m too excited to go to CafĂ© Rio!” I asked “Why? What do you want to eat there?” He said, “Pizza!"

Funny how one can be motivated by the simplest things!

It is actually the “I look forward to” that inspires us to continue to fight on, to continue to wake up each day, to continue to drive miles and miles, to continue to open our doors to clients, to continue to eat our breakfast, to continue to kneel and pray, to continue to smile, to continue to challenge ourselves to hard tasks, to continue to push on…  

Since my workplace is an hour away, I have to take a train, and because of that I have to wake up early and of course since I value my sleep, I have to sleep earlier… but I look forward to that. 

I look forward to lying down my bed, head on my soft pillow, closing my eyes to deep sleep. I look forward to beating time and leaving the house to catch the train. I look forward to finding a good sit on the train, and dozing off again! 

I look forward to stepping out of the train and brisk walk to the office. I look forward to turning my computer on and getting things done. The same way I look forward to my 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon, oh yes, lunch too! 

I look forward to typing my thoughts just like now and publishing it on my blog. 

I look forward to hearing my kids’ voices on the phone, to hugging them when I get back home in the evening. 

Yes, I also look forward to all the “reminding” I give my kids, and my husband’s coming home at night.  There are a lot of things I look forward to that I enjoy and love!  I thank God. 

I thank God for He has allowed my heart to look forward to things yet unseen, and the belief that it will be achieved in time. 

I thank God for the excitement of what tomorrow will bring. I thank God for I know my prayers are already answered, even if I can’t sense it yet.  

My boss looks forward to eating pizza three hours away from the office. No matter how boring the drive will be, it doesn’t matter. 

I guess the same way, no matter how many trials and challenges we face… let’s continue to hold on to God’s promises, let continue to look forward to better days, let's continue to be steadfast in our faith because at the end of it all, no matter how long it will take, I am sure a savory pizza loaded with toppings and smothered with cheese is awaiting... 

Now I’m starving but I have to go on diet.. Oh well.  What about you what do you look forward to tonight?

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