To Sit Or Not to Sit? #Weeklies

Week 26/52 #Weeklies

While standing in line to pay for stuff at Walmart, I couldn’t help but wonder how the cashier could stand up for eight hours… all day!   

Fast forward to a year after, I decided to do the same… or tried to.   

No excuses! Customized standing desk! :)

I have to say, I am more alert and feels ready to go while standing at work. It definitely feels like I am burning more calories than sitting down all day. 

While at it, I move around, I exercise my legs and I dance when no one's looking.

My co-worker also encourages I make use of my 15-minute break walking outside than just staying in the office. Also to walk at lunch than sit all hour munching on food the whole time!

It takes mindfulness to do that, I assure you.

Like this couple of months I just allowed myself to sit – all day – at work, and eat some more at home, and eat some more at parties… and just last weekend, my husband, Dennis, got hold of my shorts, and it fit him!!!

Oh well, I say it’s about time to love myself. I hope you love yourself too.

Let's STAND UP while we can!

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