Money for J2 Dependents: If You Follow This!

J1 visa holders can bring their immediate family in the US via the J2 visa.

When your children are already in the US, it is recommended that all J2 dependents (even if they are 17 years below in age and not allowed to work yet) apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for the sole purpose of being able to secure a Social Security number (SSN).

And WHAT'S THE BENEFIT OF HAVING SSN for children below 18?

Child Tax Credit -
Last 2019, the child tax credit was $2000 per qualifying child
Last 2020, the child tax credit was $2000 per qualifying child
This 2021, the child tax credit will be $3000 for 17 below and $3600 for 6 years below.

Be sure to ask your tax accountant/preparer for more information.


  1. How about Maam if I want to bring my husband with me. What are the documents needed and how much does it cost each dependent?
    thank you Maam ..

    1. yes, you can do that too. your sponsor will provide you the required documents and fees needed.


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