J1 Visa and Unauthorized Employment

Unauthorized employment is not legal for J1 Visa Holders. Teachers under this program shouldn't have other jobs than what they signed up for.

WARNING: Teachers under the J1 visa. 

Please beware of your illegal activities.

Unauthorized employment, including driving for Uber or Doordash using your J2 dependent's SSN, is fraud and not allowed.

Working for any home health organization that pays cash after a day's work is not allowed.

Babysitting, house sitting, dog sitting, and securing cash payments after working is not allowed.

And all the other activities that get you cash income are not permitted.

The sad thing is you do not know who reports.

They may have proof or evidence against you, and you may worsen your case if you deny the accusations, especially if true.

Sponsors can still be forgiving if they report you to them (but not all are considerate).

If whistleblowers report you to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, that will be your day. 

Please stop now and do the right thing.






  1. Walang nakakapag taka sa ganyan yan talaga ang tatak ng pinoy tsismosa, tsismoso, pakialamera, pakialamero sa buhay ng iba kaya mag iingat sa PINOY wag na wag mag titiwala😁🤣😂 just my two cents.

  2. Live a life with integrity and you will not need to worry about other people peeking in your closet. No dirty linens, no cleaning needed.


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