Ann is Able and Ready!


Ann chose not to renew her last year's contract in the J1 program.

The J1 program is good for three years with a possibility to be renewed for 1-2 more years. Please check this site to know more - Realities of the J1 Visa.


Ann stayed in the US and didn't go home for any vacations for four (4) years. 

She saved EVERYTHING (she didn't travel a lot and only visited a few states with friends, used carpool, & shared a room with co-teachers), and now she's back home - financially ready!

We're happy you chose well, Ann! 

God speed!


You may check out her story here: -


  1. Very inspiring 😊

  2. Wow very inspiring. thank you.

  3. I'm so proud of your Ma'am 🥰🥰

  4. I'm glad I've read this very inspiring testimony...I am proud of you Ms.Ann...

  5. Your story reveals the great challenge that teachers will be facing when in US... Something to reflect for fainthearted.. Nice to hear kasi makakatulong din pra pagtibayin ang loob.


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