Making Right Decisions by Catherine

Three years ago, the thought of teaching in a foreign land came across my mind. It gave me an ecstatic feeling and I was extremely inquisitive to start the process. I emailed TEACH-USA CEO Maam Gemma to signify my intention of joining and immediately started with my application. 

I began to ask for the requirements and made sure I was getting ready for this big decision in my life. But suddenly, because of unavoidable circumstances which I needed to prioritize that time, I was not able to pursue my applications. I contemplated on my decision, and I get baffled with the idea as to whether I am making the right decision of pursuing or just ending my dream.

Year 2021 commenced. I decided to give my dream another chance. I believe God gave me this dream for a reason. However, I was apprehensive of my applications because of the world health crisis. The thought of leaving my family and resigning from my permanent work amidst the pandemic was really a big risk and sacrifice that I needed to make. It will also be the first time that I will be far away from my family. 

As months passed by, I am more driven to pursue my dream notwithstanding the pandemic. I knew in my heart that I am making a decision which will change not only my life, but also my family's life. I know that God knew what is in my heart. I know that He understands my purpose.

So I focused on getting things done, paying attention to the instructions given to me. I patiently and wholeheartedly underwent the phases of application and was learning every step of the process. Who would have thought that in just a matter of three months of getting focused, I was given a job offer. 

I just realized that all the sleepless nights in the application process, sacrifices made - especially that I am a working mom (being employed, running a small online business and taking care of the kids while husband is away is totally not an easy job) were all worth it. With the guidance of Maam Gemma, Maam Hazel and also advices from TEACH USA colleagues and mentors; teaching in the US which seemed an impossible dream before, now became a reality. 

I am grateful that God gave me the right people who became instruments in getting my dream. God surely sends people along our path to help us. Truly, when there is a will, there is always a way. I asked God to guide me and lead me His way. I also believe that it pays to have a positive mindset in life as well as putting our complete trust to God in every decision that we will make.

Now, I turned one month here in the US. I believe God brought me here for an important reason. I know the future is full of uncertainties, but I have a big God who is with me in this journey.

As an adage goes, "Journey with God starts one small step at a time. He doesnt want you to run the mile, but He promises to give you the strength to go the distance."

There is nothing God doesn't know about our life. He knows the past, the present, and already knows the future. My faith is anchored in Him and I will continue to walk my journey with Him. 

Thank you TEACH USA for being a bridge to my US dreams. Thank you to the people God used as instruments to help me. Thank you Lord for your guidance, sustenance and providence...

Dios nos bendiga!

- Written by Catherine

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  1. So happy for you doc Cath and thank you for the story of your life, it truly inspires passionate teaching to remain authentic to their chosen profession.


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