God Never Fails by Clarisse

It all started with being curious and slowly taking chances.

And then - deciding to take a risk with uncertainty.

To major sleepless nights and unending self-preparations to land a job!

And then getting US visa approval, and finally, flying to the USA! YES!!!

It looks easy, huh?

At first, I didn't even think achieving my dream was possible. 

I have no idea where to get my immediate needs - like fee payments! But miracles exist!

All my worries (money+skills+self-doubt) didn't stop me. God provides, and He never fails to do that. 

Overcoming doubts and negativity is challenging, but with the guidance of my dearest mentors in Teach-USA, everything became smooth. 

I never thought TEACH-USA could change someone's life in the blink of an eye, but it happened. I am so grateful to be part of it!

My advice to those who aspire to be in the Land of Milk and Honey is never to let your doubt take away your chances. 

Progress is all about taking a risk and being ready to jump!


And complete trust in God. Because, in Him, nothing is impossible!

To God be the Glory.


- Written by: Clarisse


  1. Inspiring story!

  2. So how much amount of money do I need to prepare for all the fees and all the expenses?

    1. please check the services fee here: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/01/which-is-better-h1b-or-j1-visa.html


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