Ghie: J1 Visa Holder for the 2nd Time

Ghie's story is one of a kind too.

Two years ago, I met her in New Mexico when I was still working with the NM Public Education Department. She held a J1 visa from one of the Mississippi school districts. She introduced herself and told me that she'd make sure to get my services in the future.

About three months ago, she connected with me again and told me her story.

She filed her waiver with the CFO and No Objection Statement with the USCIS but, time wasn't on her side. She still needed to go home after the end of her J1 visa program.

While in the Philippines CFO approved her waiver (CFO changed their requirements for the waiver last year 2020), but the approval was useless! (obviously, she's home already!).

Unfortunately, her application for the waiver with the USCIS - is still pending up to this time and day!

But God has better plans. She recently got approval to go back, this time, to work in California!

God's timing is always best!

1 comment:

  1. In His time, in His own way...His plans better than ours.


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