On Crab Mentality, Chikadora, and Inggit!


I have a friend who called and shared stories with me. Out of the blue sabi nya..."Alam mo Gemma, kahit andito na sa US, napakadami pa din mga pinoys na sobra crab mentality, mahilig sa chika at mga inggitero!"

Sabi nya, pag sabihan ko daw mga teachers...

"Alalahanin na lang nila, iba iba ang rason at paraan pano nakarating dito.. meron dahil sa nakapangasawa kano, meron dahil sa family na naunang mag migrate, meron from iba iba agency ung iba agency mataas binayaran nila, meron mura, meron libre. Yung iba illegal na ang stay here. Iba iba story. Pasabi nga sa kanila na wag tanong ng tanong, at wag compare ng compare, magugulo lang isip nila!

Mmm... may tama naman talaga sya.

It is OK to be friendly, but not to the point na unknowingly na popollute na pala ang minds nyo at na pupull na kayo sa negativities and hidden agendas and motives. (Sadly, this is especially true in places with too many Pinoys - pinoy mentality at its worst!) 

Guard your mind, shield your heart, and I'll say it again, choose your friends. Very rare na that you will find NEW true friends especially here in the US. Some could be smiling at your face, feeding you, showing you kindness and yet is stabbing (or will stab) you in the back (mejo madami ganyan). 

Sometimes, it really takes time before you can really prove na you have found that true friend/s, but when you do find them, treasure them with all your heart.

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: If I were you... I will just FOCUS on the WORK AT HAND. You are not here to befriend everybody, attend all parties and know all the chika in the world. You are not in anyone's mercy. You do not owe anyone your story and it is always OK to say NO.

As Teach-USA teachers, please RISE ABOVE and be like a LOTUS flower!

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