Something Good by Geraldine

Dreams will remain dreams unless one builds things around the purpose of turning that dream into a reality. 

In my quest to fulfill my dreams, I relied on faith, hard work, and constant motivation from my family. 

I drew inspiration from my family and from the comfort of knowing that, win or lose, they would always have my back. 

When my dreams start to dim, I pushed on and never give up because I know there is something good waiting for me.

My quest for better career opportunities started early on, but things got rolling when I applied for teaching jobs in the link shared by my Aunt and when Teach-USA replied to my email. 

I dont know why but right from the start, I was optimistic that I would get an interview. I prayed and waited patiently for the opportunity of being interviewed by a potential employer. 

True enough my prayers were unexpectedly answered last April 17, 2018.

My gratitude at being given this opportunity is beyond measure. I could not believe that God could jam-pack a huge amount of blessing, from interview to recommendation, all in one day!

My gratitude extends to you Teach-USA and my fellow aspirants -your feedback, inspiration, motivation, open communication and collaboration indeed instrumental to this milestone, not only in my career, but most of all to the life of my family. 

Rest assured that I will not put to waste the trust that you have reposed on my capabilities as a teacher. After all is said, from the bottom of my heart, good luck to all of us and “Daghang Salamat.”

-Written by Geraldine.

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