Your Mindset Matters

Some teachers will start the conversation with, "Ma'am Gemma, I have no money, but I really want to teach in the US!"

Teachers, what you put your energy into is what you attract.

When you declare that you have no money - you are already LIMITING what's possible. You already give power to what you think is your reality - when IT IS NOT. You attract NO MONEY. You attract being POOR, because you SAY SO.

If you have a dream and believe in a God of possibilities, anything is possible!


I hope your poor mindset is only temporary and won't hinder you from becoming who you really are or who you are meant to be.


  1. Refrain from allowing your mind to trick you.
  2. There is abundance everywhere!
  3. Just open your mind to it. Keep your mouth shut. Listen.
  4. The world is full of infinite possibilities!
  5. It is possible. Everything is possible!


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