What it Means to Believe...

If you dream of teaching in the US to help your family,

Believe in prayer that you have already received it.

And it will be yours!

And as you pray and believe, align your thoughts, words, and actions to the fulfillment of your dream.

To align means to be conscious - of your thoughts, words, and deeds. 

Because sometimes, you pray at 9 AM, "Lord, I really want to teach in the US very soon! I know, Lord, that you will help me make my dreams come true!"

And then, at 10 AM, you receive an email from Teach-USA asking you to work on your Foreign Credential Evaluation. Then you realize you have no money, so at 10:15 AM, while conversing with another teacher, you are - badmouthing your dreams. "Oh yeah, have you heard about teachers in the US? Oh wow! They spend a lot! Do you know that to process your FCE alone, you will need this much money?! My Gosh! That's too much! I doubt I'll ever teach in the US! They are scammers!"

Huh? What happened to the prayers that occurred at 9 AM?

What's best to do is to catch yourself as your mind is tricking you in the other direction!

If I were you, at 10:15 AM, instead of chatting with people about the dreams I hold so dearly in my heart, I'd quietly align to God in prayers again and tell Him, "Lord, I need to pay for my FCE. Will you help me? I know you will make my dreams come true, and this is an important step. Please send me your angels, and please tell me what to do."

And know in your heart, without a doubt, that help is coming.



To learn more about the Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE)

Please email apply@teach-usa.net

Use the Subject Line: FCE Inquiry

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