After the Two-Year Home Requirement: Real Life US Embassy Stories

Info from: Celeste/Thanks!

"I just want to share some REAL LIFE embassy interview experiences of J1 Teachers after their 2-yr rule (212e requirement):

Teacher’s Real Story #1:

A teacher lacked 2 weeks because she left the country for a vacation in Thailand. The consul returned her passport and told her, “See you next year!”

Teacher’s Real Story #2:

A teacher left the US end of July after her 5th yr, used her 1 month grace period. This question was addressed to her, “Did you overstay in the US?” She answered, “I left after my 1 month grace period.” The consul said, “So you overstayed.” - and readily stamped DENIED!

These are just some of the experiences that would give us ideas to play safe. Better safe than sorry."


About Teacher’s Real Story #1: The two-year home requirement is counted during the time you are in your home country. If you leave your home country for any reason, you have to make up for the time or you will get a denial.

This related post will help: Making the Most of Your Two-year Home Requirement:

About Teacher’s Real Story #2:

The question was did you overstay in the US?

IS answerable by YES or NO.

She should have answered NO.

Her answer, "I left AFTER my 1 month grace period" means she overstayed.

If your DSForm says May 31, 2024 as the end date of your visa (and the end day of your regular school year not including extended school year or ESY or summer school is the same May 31, 2024) then please ask your sponsor about the GRACE PERIOD. 

Please follow what your SPONSOR is instructing you to do.

It is your responsibility to be proactive and ASK your sponsor, if you are in doubt.

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