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Frequently Asked Questions About Teach-USA's Process


What is Teach-USA?


Teach-USA helps Filipino teachers secure a job in New Mexico, US for SY 18-19 via J1 visa. 


Why pay for licenses first? Why not pass the interview then apply for a license?


Passing the interview first would have been the best scenario. Unfortunately, NM school districts will not even consider a teacher for an interview without the teaching license. 

To prove this to you… please see the images below. 

These were all taken from New Mexico Regional Education Application Placement (NMREAP). It is New Mexico's premier national online recruitment and application service for educators

Although not all New Mexico school districts use the services of NMREAP. We have most school districts in New Mexico participating in the online job system, and since all of them are requiring the same thing, then it must be the rule.


NM Licenses will not be issued without Social Security Number.  What will happen next?

As of January 2017, NMPED has implemented a requirement that all applicants seeking teacher license will need to submit a copy of the social security card before the release of the license.  In the NMPED license database, it will remain pending until a copy of a valid social security card is issued.

School districts will decide if they would like to move forward knowing an applicant has an approved license and the only reason it is pending is that there is no SSN yet.

Social Security Numbers can only be applied here in the USA with the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status, letter from J1 visa sponsor, and a job offer.

Teach-USA will help applicants with the application for SSN.


  What is the validity of the licenses?


NMPED Licensure Bureau issues three levels of licenses for educators. The annual base salary and validity of the licenses depend upon the levels.

Level  1 → fewer than 3 full school years experience → $34,000 -- license valid for 5 years
Level  2 → 3 – 5 years experience → $42,000 -- license valid for 9 years
Level  3A → 6 or more years experience → Master’s Degree → $52,000 -- license valid for 9 years


  Can we really reciprocate our Philippine teaching licenses to NM teaching licenses?


Yes. For more information on reciprocating Philippine teaching licenses to New Mexico teaching licenses, please read this NMAC Rule at


Do I have to take tests before I can apply for teaching license?

 No, it is not required, unlike in other states. 

At least not yet, a license consultant friend shared one time about some concerns that led them to talk about eventually requiring English proficiency test to applicants. When it happens, she didn't reveal. Although, she said, soon. (I do not know how soon is soon).


What will happen if I didn’t pass the job interview?


If you didn’t pass any of the school districts' interviews, then you will not be charged for anything. You have 5 years or 9 years to make it happen for you. Just try and try again…


How much will I pay for the credential evaluation, FBI background check, and NM license?


Please email for fees.


What is credential evaluation?


A credential evaluation services organization in the USA will evaluate your Philippine education credentials and will provide its USA equivalency. The final evaluation will be used to process your NM teaching license.


Will I go back to the Philippines after my visa expires?


Yes. There is no place like home.   
Yes. Unless you file a waiver (please email for more information on a J1 visa waiver).


Can I bring my husband/wife and children?


Absolutely, but it is best if you settle first. 
After three months, you can decide to have them join you here.
Teach-USA will help you process their visas. 
You husband/wife can work legally with the visa. 
Your children? They get a free public K-12 education.


  Do you profit in the processing of licenses, visas, and tickets?


No. We will though when you become successful.
Teach-USA wants you to be successful because that is the only way we will win!


Do I pay for placement fees upfront (like what all other agencies are asking)?


No, we want you to be successful first.
When you are already receiving your checks here in the USA, then I think it is just fair to pay for the services we rendered at a price we deserve.


 How do I apply?


Just follow the guidelines found on the Initial Requirements page at our website: 


 Do you have an office in the Philippines?


No, we only have lawyer presence. 
*in the works


 I have more questions about Teach-USA, what should I do?


Please feel free to leave comment/s below.


  1. Do I need to pay first the amount needed for licensing and evaluation before I get to the job interview?


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